The Finnish Griffon Club is a member of the Finnish Kennel Club and the Finnish Toy Dog Association, and is the only club in Finland specialized in Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge and Petit Brabancon breeds. The Finnish Griffon Club was founded in Helsinki, Finland, 23rd of July 1970.

There are about 300 members in our Club nowadays. The Club publishes Griffon Uutiset (the Griffon News magazine) four times a year. There are news about Griffons, Griffon happenings and stories about Griffons and their owners in our publication.

Every year the Club arranges with the Finnish Toy Dog Association the Championship show in which the challenge trophies of the Club are distributed. Every year the Club rewards the most successful Griffons in shows, obedience and agility. There are also more informal competitions, for example open photography competition for everyone who has ever even seen a camera.

The Finnish Griffon Club accepts foreigners as members but it does not list or publish links of foreign kennels or breeders. The Club advertises only puppies of Finnish breeders.


The Finnish Griffon Club is for everyone interested in Griffons!

There are lots of activities you can do with a Griffon, like shows, training and agility. Or your Griffon may just be a loving member of your family. There is room for everyone in our Club.

You can apply for the membership by clicking HERE

Membership fees 2010
Foreign member 30 €
Eternal membership 250 €

Luopioisten Savings Bank plc
Insinöörinkatu 23, FIN-33720 TAMPERE

IBAN: FI50 4510 7720 0285 88

Remember to include your name and address in your payment so that we can send you the notices and issues of the club.

If you have any questions, please contact our Member Secretary:
Tarja Soranoja
Kasarikuja 11
04460 Nummenkylä
Gsm 040 577 1645

We will send all issues of the Griffon Uutiset appeared in the year to our new members. The next issue is send as soon as it is published.

Contact us

Suvi Palttala
Ilmattarenkatu 3 F 25
Gsm 040 704 6793

Vice president
Marko Salmela
Akanpolku 6 D 17
41340 LAUKAA
Gsm 040 585 9987

Tarja Soranoja
Kasarikuja 11
04460 Nummenkylä
Gsm 040 577 1645